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Len McCluskey: value NHS workers with more than warm words

Commenting on today’s announcement that nurses are to be consulted on taking strike action over pay, after being awarded a pay increase of just one per cent, Len McCluskey said: “When community health visitors say they know nurses who are being forced to use food banks to feed their families, we know just how deep… Read more »

McCluskey: UK work doesn’t pay

Commenting on the latest jobless figures which confirm that inflation is wiping out wage growth, Len McCluskey, said: “These figures again confirm that work in this country simply does not pay. Only the people of Greece have suffered a bigger fall in living standards during these miserable austerity years. “Yet, while working people suffer increasing… Read more »

McCluskey: Sports Direct’s workers’ rep must fight for permanent contracts

Commenting on the announcement by Sports Direct that it has appointed a workers’ rep to its boardroom, Len McCluskey said: “While Sports Direct’s move to put workers on its board is welcome, they should be elected in an open and transparent process, in order to convince the workforce that its interests will be fully represented… Read more »

McCluskey: doubt over Toshiba’s future worrying news for nuclear jobs

Commenting on reports that Toshiba’s future is in doubt, after it filed unaudited accounts, Len McCluskey warned of serious concerns over the firm’s future involvement in the construction of the Moorside nuclear power station in Cumbria. “Moorside is expected to generate 20,000 highly skilled jobs, jobs that are vital to the future of the communities… Read more »

McCluskey’s Brexit demands win survey backing

Labour MPs should take up Len McCluskey’s suggestion to push for a two-thirds threshold in parliament for any changes to workers’ rights, more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of respondents to a Labour List survey have said. Mr McClsukey warned that parliament should not be able to withdraw workers’ rights currently guaranteed by EU law… Read more »

McCluskey: we will fight for West Midlands plant jobs

Commenting on the threat to jobs at the Smethwick poultry plant in the West Midlands, Len McCluskey said: “The closure of the poultry processing plant is devastating news for hundreds of Unite members whose livelihoods, families and communities rely on these jobs. At a time when the government appears set on a hard Brexit, and… Read more »

McCluskey: protect good employers from hostile takeovers

Responding to a warning from Unilever CEO Paul Polman that the company may be forced to de-list from the London stock exchange to resist hostile hedge-fund bids, Len McCluskey said: “UK listed companies are already poorly protected from unwelcome buyouts, and with both Brexit and a diminished pound making them more vulnerable, the risk to… Read more »

McCluskey condemns use of troops to undermine naval base strike

Len McCluskey has accused the government of intrusion into an industrial dispute, after plans to use the armed forces to undermine a strike were revealed. The Royal Navy is being ordered in by the Ministry of Defence to carry out civilian staff duties at the Coulport and Faslane naval bases, where Unite members are in… Read more »

McCluskey calls for dialogue not vetoes on Gibraltar

Len McCluskey has warned the governments of the UK and Madrid that Gibraltar’s workers are not bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations. Reacting to the mounting uncertainty about the position of the British Overseas Territory, he said Theresa May had to stop messing with the futures of 7,500 Unite members and thousands more cross-frontier workers on the… Read more »

Len McCluskey pledges to fight for Channel Island workers’ rights and pensions

Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite the union, will pledge to continue the fight for proper employment rights for workers across the Channel Islands, when he visits Guernsey and Jersey on Monday (3 April). And he will promise Unite’s full support for the 5,000 Guernsey public sector workers whose pensions are threatened by their… Read more »