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Vote for Len

Under lens leadership, we have become a fighting back union not only in the workplace but in rebuilding the membership with leverage, organising & repudiation strategies aligned with a dispute fund to support reps and members in the workplace.

Another term will give Len time to:

  • Revamp our education strategy and deliver the negotiating and tactical knowledge to our reps in support of our industrial strategy and an experienced lay structure to provide guidance and support to new reps.
  • Review the appointment process of officers to ensure we are making the best use of members subscriptions to employ professional but more importantly dedicated accountable officers.

Steve Hibbert
Rolls-Royce EOS Derby/Heathrow Off-Wing & On-Wing Services Convenor
Executive Council Member for the East Midlands

There when we needed him most

I’m an electrician on the steelworks in Scunthorpe and I endorse Len because when the steel industry was in dire straits Len came to my home town, he stood shoulder to shoulder with me, my colleagues and my family and fought hard with us to save our steel. He was there when we needed him most.

Charlotte Upton

Len stood by us

Len McCluskey has been an outstanding leader and general secretary of our union. He stood by our side when the major electrical companies attacked our terms and conditions during the BESNA dispute. He also gave us tremendous support in reinstating a blacklisted shop steward on the Crossrail project, and a historic victory in the High Court blacklisting scandal.

Jim Ryan
Crossrail shop steward

Support for nurses

I am a nurse working in the NHS, I switched my union membership to Unite during the Agenda for Change pay disputes. Nurses felt supported by Unite when other unions refused to represent them. I fully endorse Len and I think he has appropriately stood up for working people, publicly, when others have fallen silent. Please vote for him so he can continue to stand up for working people’s rights.

Ben Mills

Modernising our union

I’m sending my endorsement as a Unite workplace rep in the finance sector. Len is modernising our union, bringing in fresh ideas for the new world of work, tackling the “gig economy” and maintaining the link between trade unions and politics.

Anyone who thinks Unite should move away from politics needs to check their history books. As a rep I know that we must work to improve legislation to strengthen our members terms and conditions. Our Unite reps are only as effective as the law will allow them to be.

Thank you for your modern outlook and solidarity with the entire labour movement.

Greg Kyriakides

Tireless fighter for working people

I have no hesitation in supporting Len McCluskey in the forthcoming election for the General Secretary of Unite. As a member of Unite, and its predecessor unions, I believe that Len McCluskey has shown he is a tireless fighter for working people – working people who one day will be retired members like myself. Working people who need a union that fights not only for an industrial strategy that promotes worker’s rights and collective bargaining, but a union that campaigns for issues such as pensions, including a realistic state pension

Lorene Fabian
Winner of TUC Gold Badge for Women 2007
Member of Unite Retired Members Committee

Fighting for current and future members

I’m backing Len for re-election because he has overseen the introduction of Community membership – allowing thousands of students in part time, precarious work to join our union and be protected.

Through ‘Unite in Schools’, his leadership has allowed thousands of school students to learn about the history of our movement and the victories we still win today.

Len has fought not just for current members but for future members – and for the future of trade unionism itself.

Shelly Asquith

Morning Star backs Len McCluskey

In the current leadership election at Unite, the Morning Star believes that Len McCluskey is the best candidate to take the union forward.

In the five years since he was first elected to lead Unite, Mr McCluskey has shown he is a tireless fighter for working people.

Unite has not repudiated a single instance of industrial action taken by its members under his leadership, and he has shown a hands-on attitude to disputes, personally leading negotiations with employers and standing up for local members on picket lines, in politics and in the media whenever necessary.

Mr McCluskey has campaigned for manufacturing and an industrial strategy to be at the heart of the economy and committed Unite’s full support to save Britain’s steel industry.

He has built a campaigning union which bad bosses such as Mike Ashley at Sports Direct or the restaurant owners who collar their employees’ tips have learned to fear.

He has developed Unite’s international links with trade unions in Europe, the United States and beyond, rooted in an understanding that, in a world dominated by ever more powerful global corporations, our struggle must be international too, and opposed bad trade deals such as TTIP and Ceta.

As leader of Unite, Mr McCluskey has shown he recognises the scale of the challenge faced by the left, and that tweaking a system rigged in favour of the bosses is no longer enough.

His firm support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, in whom we finally have a leader of the opposition who is unafraid to stand shoulder to shoulder with the trade union movement and fight for the socialist principles we share, is a reflection of that.

Unite under Mr McCluskey’s leadership backed Jeremy for election and re-election to the Labour leadership, and Len has challenged the disruptive behaviour of MPs who refuse to accept that leadership and intervened to put the record straight when Labour has been the target of slander and abuse.

The Morning Star is proud of our close working relationship with Unite, one of the 10 national trade unions with a seat on our management committee. Mr McCluskey’s support and advice has been of great value to us throughout his leadership.

As the daily paper of the labour movement, we believe Mr McCluskey has earned the right to the respect of the entire movement as general secretary and that Unite will go on to even greater strengths under his continued leadership.

Ben Chacko
Editor, Morning Star

Ken Loach: Your decision affects us all

As a trade unionist I know that the first task of a union is to defend jobs, wages and conditions. I also know that we need a government that understands our interests if we are to succeed.

The Tories and New Labour gave us privatisation, out-sourcing, low pay and job insecurity. We now have the chance to build a Labour Party that will reverse these disasters. That is an‎ essential part of our struggle.

It would be foolish to put our heads in the sand and say we can stand aside from this.

That is why I hope Unite members will re-elect Len McCluskey. ‎He, and Unite, have made a great contribution to establishing Labour’s new leadership. We all recognise there is a long way to go and there is much urgent work ahead. For example, Labour needs a stronger team and better presentation.

We also need to defend the principles that brought Jeremy Corbyn two outstanding victories. If we want an NHS free of private contractors, public services renewed, investment in the good jobs everyone needs then we must stand alongside him, John McDonnell and the new leadership.

Get this right and we can win. Turn our backs and we will be back to the dark days when Labour was too close to the Tories.

This is a great opportunity, with the hopes of so many in the balance. We know that the press, broadcasters and the political establishment are on the attack. Therefore, at this very critical time, I hope that Len McCluskey wins your support. Your decision affects us all.

Ken Loach, filmmaker

Sea change

The Blacklist Support Group has worked closely with Unite for the past seven years. Without any doubt, there was a sea change in attitude when Len McCluskey was elected as General Secretary.

From initially providing virtually no real legal support, the union funded a High Court action with historic results. Unite is currently engaging counsel to draw up a possible private prosecution against directors of the multinationals who coordinated the conspiracy.

Unite invested huge resources on one of the most high profile union leverage campaigns ever: to get blacklisted shop steward Frank Morris reinstated on Crossrail. This was a historic victory and the government even set up an inquiry into the leverage tactics used in the dispute.

Under Len’s leadership, Unite has participated in a select committee investigation, called for blacklist firms to be banned from publicly funded contracts and is lobbying for a full public inquiry into the national scandal.

All of the above are what a trade union should be doing in order to defend its members.

Blacklist support group

Skills, heart, mind and spirit to defend the interests of British workers

We live in very trying times and I know because I am 93 years old and survived the Great Depression. The rights of ordinary workers haven’t been this threatened since I was a teen growing up in the 1930s. Six years of Tory induced austerity have emaciated Britain’s social services and millions are hurting because of wage stagnation.

During these days of economic and political strife Unite needs a General Secretary who isn’t afraid to stand up for workers’ rights. Unite needs a General Secretary who will defend the rights of each one its  members and also be a voice for each person in Britain who struggles through austerity. It’s why I endorse Len McClusky because he has the skills, heart, mind and spirit to defend the interests of British workers and has done so during his tenure. Len McClusky has had the backing of working Britain and Ireland. Now we should have his.

Harry Leslie Smith
RAF veteran activist for the welfare state

Dedicated to the interests of ordinary working people

Len has been a good friend and a staunch supporter of miners and their families over the past 40 years. He is a highly principled trade unionist and totally dedicated to the interests of ordinary working people.

At a time when the economic crisis threatens the security of all our jobs and living conditions, we need trade union leaders with Len’s courage, drive and ability and we hope this will be reflected in the coming election.

Durham Miners

Outspoken opposition

I’m a history student at Newcastle University and a Unite Community member. I’m supporting Len McCluskey for general secretary because of his outspoken opposition to this Tory government for the last six years, his clarity of vision for what Labour needs to do to get back into government, and his refusal to simply rest on defending workers’ rights; he knows how to take workers’ struggle forward and make new gains. Len is a comrade to all trade unionists and socialists, and he deserves my loyalty and solidarity

Benjamin Eckford
Secretary of Newcastle University Labour Society

Re-election important for trade union movement

As a long standing member of the AEU, AEEU and now Unite, for over 50 years, I realise the importance of Len McCluskey being re-elected not only for Unite but for the trade union movement and in particular the Labour party. I am now retired after 50 years in shipbuilding and the support of people like Len was important when I was working. I will be giving my full support to Len.

John Foley
Retired member

Heart-warming support for dying father

When my 64-year-old truck driver dad, who had been a Unite member for 40 years, lay on his death bed from cancer, and his employer failed to hand over his sick pay, I called on Len to help him. Len’s response was heart-warming for my dad and Len’s leadership got union officers to sort out the sick pay.

We need a leader who makes it his mission to fight for every member and their family, whether they’re young or old, black or white. That’s why I urge everyone to back Len McCluskey to be Unite’s General Secretary.

Pav Akhtar

Clear symbol to employers and members

I urge all Unite the Union members to support Len McCluskey in the battle to lead Unite. Since Len was elected he has established a dispute fund which is a clear symbol to employers and members that Unite has the means to successfully prosecute an industrial dispute. Membership has also increased massively and this clearly demonstrates the strong and decisive action Len has taken to set Unite on the right financial path, allowing it to meet its pension obligations without sacrificing front line services for members.

John Taylor
Secretary Tees Unite Community Branch 

Giant in the labour movement

I’m backing Len because under his leadership my union has become a giant in the labour movement. We’ve become a force to be reckoned with and an example of how trades unions should be.

Jon Wood
Bradford Council
Workplace Rep and ULR 

Supporting the workers

I’m supporting Len’s bid for re-election. When I led the first strike action for the housing sector in London and Eastern region, Len supported the workers and reps. I asked him for a presence on our picket line and although he was unable to attend, because he was another picket line supporting the dockers, he asked his national officer to attend. This is Len’s character, always supporting the workers.

Cheryl McLeod

Trade union rights

I am voting for Len because he believes unions and a Labour government together can achieve more than any Tory leader and its government.

Trade union rights will again be undermined by Theresa May and her ministers, as will human rights. We need a strong leader who has, over decades, won many entitlements for the workforce. As a negotiator he has proved he can avert strike action with meaningful talks and resolutions found, though supporting the right to strike when pushed to the limit. He is a loyal, straight talking union leader who cares for the well-being of his members.

And he knows a good relationship with a Labour party is the way forward to keep union rights intact.

Margaret Mackenzie

Major achievements throughout industries

I will be supporting Len, for his loyalty as leader and major achievements throughout industries. Great work Len.

Eamonn Murphy
Chair, London & Eastern retired members committee


I am the owner of two anti-poverty businesses that I wish to have full participation with Unite. This is because we support people in poverty. Under Len’s leadership, I have seen Unite support many of the causes we do, including keeping people warm through the Warm35 campaign, and Crisis at Christmas.  We openly support Unite under Len, for the improvement of everybody’s lifestyles.

Sarah-Jane Brownlie
Ambis Care Services and Ambis Africa

Transforming young members’ structures

Len was the first general secretary of any of Unite’s predecessor unions to understand (and support) our attempts to transform the young members’ structures. Under his leadership we have grown exponentially, changing the public narrative on zero hours and doing what no other union has managed to achieve – breaking into hospitality. If you want to see our movement grow in the right direction then you need to fight for it. Len’s re-election is by no means a foregone conclusion. You need to get out and campaign for it.

Bryan Simpson
Organiser, Better than Zero
Unite NEC – Young Members

Support of a proud bus driver

I just want to wish Len the best of luck in his campaign. I had the pleasure of meeting him in the summer while I was speaking at the policy conference. He is the right man for the job of taking our great union onwards and will have my and my branch’s full support

David Smith
Lay liaison officer for Arriva Midlands and proud bus driver

Getting things done

I’m supporting Len for general secretary because he has a track record of getting things done, he reaches out to the membership to fully understand the concerns of ordinary members and I believe he can help us to win future fights in the workplace.

Councillor Lee Whitbread
Labour Councillor for Redbridge ward
Southampton City Council

Standing shoulder to shoulder with our Ineos membership

Len has stood shoulder to shoulder with our Ineos Grangemouth membership since 2013, and following the most difficult dispute.  Len has never wavered in his belief that Unite would once again stand strong at the site and it is pleasing to report that we recently have returned to the bargaining table, growing in membership and fully representing our members.

Len’s unconditional support for our Ineos membership is one of the many reasons I am supporting and endorsing his return as our General Secretary.

Mark Lyon
Vice Chair of Unite’s Executive and Ineos Grangemouth Chair

Strike pay

During our dispute, Len sanctioned additional strike pay for our members and fully endorsed our dispute. Len has bought us back to becoming a fighting back union winning for our members.

Steve Stockwell
Branch Convenor and branch secretary

Positive and progressive changes

Under Len’s leadership, positive and progressive changes have been made to Unite which support our members in the workplace, particularly when we have to take industrial action. When we do take action, our members know that they are fully supported.

The success of our pay campaign in 2016 was directly due to these policies. With Len as General Secretary, Unite delivers for our members.

Mike Dyer
Unite Capita National Company Combine

Exploitative sectors

I’m backing Len because he’s committed to getting workers organised in some of the most exploitative sectors of the economy. Where I work in the hotel sector I see bullying, exhaustion and the appalling treatment of staff on a daily basis. Without a “fighting back” strategy for the industry, we’re consigned to the dark ages.

Kevin Reynolds
Hotel worker

Strength to strength

Under Len’s leadership, the union has gone from strength to strength industrially and “politically”. That’s vital, not only for my sector, local authority, but the NHS and all sectors dependent on government finance. He continually defends the democratic structures and lay control of our union. His actions in fully supporting any member in need demonstrate the best of or movement.

Eddie Cassidy
Convenor Glasgow City Council

A union that makes things happen

Len has led Unite with passion, shown great dedication and been tireless in continuing to develop our great union.

We are the trade union which is there when our members need us. We are the trade union which makes things happen, who fight against unlawful working practices, who provide a voice to each and every member. Len has proven that he leads disputes and campaigns when workers rights are threatened on a national level both within the private as well as the public sectors.

Len has ensured that our hard working branch representatives feel empowered to do their jobs. Under Len’s leadership the learning and education agenda has continued to be developed. This has proven vital in ensuring that our reps and members are more able to fight back against bad bosses.

Len has shown that he is committed to ensuring that equalities continues to be a cornerstone of Unite. To ensure that no matter what gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, age etc you are their is a place and role for you in Unite.

Len is the one and only person to lead Unite over the coming years. As a Unite activist I am totally confident that Len has my back, that Len will ensure that Unite continues to flourish and that Unite is the union which will be at the forefront when challenging the Tory governments anti-worker, anti-community and pro fat cat policies.

Jim McGinn
Branch Secretary 
NHS Ayrshire & Arran

I’m voting for Len McCluskey because he’s a man of action not just words

Here in Dorchester in 2014 our NHS Path Lab was put out for tender and could have been sold to the private sector.
Our members feared the worst for our terms and conditions and our jobs. Local people in Dorset feared the worst for their NHS.

In defence of our National Health Service, Len McCluskey supported the PeoplesNHS, an organisation fuelled by local groups and activists. Unite did this to campaign across the whole of Dorset against the proposed sale of our Path Lab.
After a long fought campaign, the result was that our Path Lab remained publicly owned in the NHS and our members Terms & Conditions were protected.

I’m voting for Len McCluskey because he’s a man of action, not just words, he stood up for our NHS and our members’ livelihoods. Please join me in voting for him.

Alex Davis
Dorset County Hospital Pathology Lab

Accredited lay reps

There are many reasons for re electing Len as our general secretary, amongst them the establishment of Community branches, an expanding membership and a sound financial footing that the union enjoys. One innovation that should not be overlooked has been the development of the network of Accredited Lay Reps which goes a long way towards ensuring that Unite members who are in a workplace where there is no organisation can get access to proper support and representation should they need it. Just one more reason why I’ll be voting for and supporting Len

Laurence Platt
Secretary EM/NG/58 Branch

Support for passenger Transport

I would like to send our endorsement from NW / 54 passenger transport

Len has always supported passenger transport and the struggle we have faced since deregulation

Colin Hayden 
Senior Steward

A formidable fighting back union

Len McCluskey brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unrivalled in this area. At a time when the economic crisis threatens the security of all our jobs and living conditions, we need trade union leaders with Len’s drive and ability to continue winning and moving forward.

In Len McCluskey I believe he has created  which continues to win not only in the work places but also in our communities.

Under Len’s leadership Unite has become an example for how other unions should be striving to be.

Dave Jackson
Branch Chair
Ardagh Glass

Our union has been transformed

I support Len McCluskey to continue as our general secretary. Our union has been transformed into a union which is financially secure and is the leading force in the UK. We are in a better position today to support our members and our families, this is an achievement lead by Len McCluskey.

Steven Turner
Chair, NW Labour Liaison Committee

Manufacturing at the forefront

I fully support Len as General Secretary  in continuing his fight for manufacturing in the UK. Manufacturing is the backbone of our economy and our heritage, but it is under real pressure. One million plus jobs have been lost over the past 10 years. With Len at the helm, manufacturing will be at the forefront as is should be.

Chris Moon
Convenor / Branch Secretary
Jacobs Douwe Egbert Coffee Plant, Banbury