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Len McCluskey calls Tata Steel to honour its commitments to Unite members

Speaking in response to Unite steelworker members’ acceptance of Tata Steel’s pensions proposals, Len McCluskey said:

“Our members at Tata have not accepted the company’s proposals on pensions, jobs, investment and production lightly. They, their families and communities have faced huge uncertainty over their jobs and livelihoods for more than a year and have made great sacrifices to ensure the UK’s world-class steel industry has a future.

“Tata Steel must now honour its commitments on investment and job security. Nothing less would be a betrayal. The UK government also has a duty to step up and support steel. Recent revelations that steel is a low priority for ministers in their Brexit negotiations is shameful.

“I also call on Westminster to work with the Welsh government and put steel at the heart of a manufacturing industrial strategy which ensures UK steel is used in all major infrastructure and defence projects.”