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Len McCluskey supports calls for increased Stansted investment

Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite the union, will call on the government to invest in key infrastructure to support increased airport capacity, when he visits Stansted today (16 March).

Mr McCluskey, who is standing to be re-elected to the top post in Britain and Ireland’s largest union, will also pledge to defend workers’ jobs, fight for better pay and increase support for members in dispute, when he meets with Unite members and reps at the airport.

He will say: “Stansted Airport’s plans for a new arrivals terminal will provide up to 2,000 new jobs, a hugely welcome boost for a region so often overlooked by Westminster.

“But I’m calling on the government to support that growth with a significant investment in infrastructure, including road upgrading, the creation of a high speed rail link from London to Stansted and increased runway capacity to handle an increase from 35 to up to 43 million passengers a year.

“Failure to provide this investment will undermine Stansted’s expansion and have serious economic consequences for a region badly in need of investment and a positive industrial strategy for decent jobs, and never more urgently than now, with Theresa May pursuing a hard Brexit that presents such profound challenges to the major industries here.”