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McCluskey’s Brexit demands win survey backing

Labour MPs should take up Len McCluskey’s suggestion to push for a two-thirds threshold in parliament for any changes to workers’ rights, more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of respondents to a Labour List survey have said.

Mr McClsukey warned that parliament should not be able to withdraw workers’ rights currently guaranteed by EU law without getting the agreement of two thirds of parliament.

With workers the cheapest and easiest to sack in Europe, they must not also become the easiest to exploit, he said.

“Let’s build on a precedent that the House of Commons has already accepted – the two-thirds majority needed to secure an election under fixed-term parliament legislation – to put in place similar hurdles that must be cleared before any EU-derived law can be wiped from the UK statute books once transferred over.”

His comments came in response to some Tory MPs suggesting that workplace protections derived from EU law would not be taken into UK law without modification.

“A two-thirds threshold would secure a voice for people in parliament during the most challenging time for our nations in generations. It would send a clear signal to working people right across the UK that their rights are safe under a Conservative government. That way, we can all focus on the task in hand, getting the best deal for this country from the Brexit process.”