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Nominate Len for Unite General Secretary to secure an organised, fighting back Union.

The Nomination period has now begun and your branch or your workplace (where there is not a workplace branch) can nominate Len in the General Secretary election. This is really important; it shows the breadth and depth of support for Len across every region and sector of our union and allows you to communicate with your members to encourage them to vote and to back Len.

The nomination process

Before you start please take note of Lens’s membership and branch number. You will need them both to complete the nomination pack.


Make sure you have a nomination pack

Branches: Nominating packs have already been sent out to Branch Secretaries. If your Branch Secretary has not received theirs, they can be requested at [email protected] or call your regional office.

Workplaces: Workplace nomination packs are not automatically sent out. They can be obtained by calling your regional office.

You can find the number for your regional office at

Call a meeting and tell your members about it

All branches and workplaces wishing to nominate must hold a meeting between January 16 and February 17. Notice must be given for the meeting clearly stating that nominations for the General  Secretary election will be on the agenda.

For your nomination to be valid, the meeting must have enough people attending to be “quorate”. You must have at least five eligible members for a branch meeting and three for a workplace meeting.

Minutes and an attendee list must be taken. You will also need to make sure a rep attends a workplace meeting and the Branch Secretary attends the branch.

Share Len’s publicity – let people know why he is standing

You can download or request copies of Len’s publicity material here

You can also share Len’s campaign messages from this website and from Facebook and Twitter

Complete the form and send it back, with minutes and attendance list

Nominations are open until Friday February 17

The completed nomination forms must be returned to the supplied address by February 22.