Delivering on our promises....Promising to deliver

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My plans

A union that will win more for you

Supporting Unite the Union members

Len McCluskey addresses Unite the Union rally in Bromley

I stand on my record as a General Secretary who has delivered for Unite the Union members and representatives. I promise to continue to deliver for you.

My campaign commitments to you:

  1. Secure a better pay deal for our members
    1. Introduce better pay campaigns in every Unite workplace.
    2. Negotiate stronger bargaining agreements with major employers.
  2. Protect our members’ jobs
    1. Oppose all compulsory redundancies and cuts to terms and conditions.
    2. Authorise Leverage campaigns against the most hostile employers.
  3. Defend our Shop Stewards and Reps
    1. Victimisation of activists to trigger automatic Unite campaigns.
  4. Increase support for our members in dispute
    1. Increase strike pay – no member in hardship.
    2. Assist branches to develop strike funds.
    3. Dispute units to provide campaign support.
  5. Organise for power and against injustice
    1. Resource strategic organising campaigns to grow the Union in key industries and reach workers in sectors where exploitation is rife.

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Our work is unfinished

Under my leadership, Unite is united, working collectively to ensure our union is fit for the future.

We can be proud of what we have built together – Britain and Ireland’s largest, most progressive voice for ordinary men and women.

Let’s build on this tremendous achievement. Let’s stand together to face head on these challenging times.

Please nominate Len McCluskey for General Secretary.