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Support Len

The nominations period is now over with 1185 branches across the UK choosing to nominate Len McCluskey for Unite General Secretary.

Every day, in the run-up to the voting period opening on March 27th we are asking Unite4len supporters to take one simple action to support the campaign.

We will be doing all we can to mobilise the vote, but it is the face to face and online conversations you have with your members that have the greatest impact. If there is anything else the campaign team can do to assist you in getting Lens message out then please get in touch by visiting our contact page and filling in the short contact form.


Call a Unite4Len supporters meeting and plan how to get the vote out in your workplace

The Unite4Len team will be doing everything they can to get the vote out when voting begins on the 27th March. But it is the conversations you have with your workplace colleagues that will make the greatest difference. Our opponent has the backing of the right-wing press barons who are happy to undermine Unite with a constant barrage of negative messages.

We must make sure Len’s positive message for the future of Unite is cutting through the lies and smears and getting to the membership.

Once you have a date set for your planning meeting, make sure you order enough of our campaign leaflets and posters by clicking the links below.